More people choose to Park and Ride

Latest figures show that the number of people using Winchester's Park and Ride scheme is significantly up from last year.

There has been a steady increase in the number of users of Park and Ride since the St Catherine's car park extension was opened in late 2003, but the latest figures show a significant further increase.

During the last two weeks of April 2005 there was an average of 3,725 users per week, compared with 2,555 users per week at the same time in April 2004. It is anticipated that by November 2005 the Park and Ride car parks will be full Monday to Friday.

Cllr Richard Knasel, Winchester City Council's Portfolio Holder for Economy and Transport, said the figures are very encouraging and the additional users are all helping to reduce congestion and improve air quality in the city centre.

"This emphasises the need to progress the scheme for an additional Park and Ride site to the South of Winchester. Discussions are continuing to ensure this scheme is given a high priority within the next Local Transport Plan currently being prepared by Hampshire County Council," he added.