Rajah curry powder containing illegal dye recalled

The Food Standards Agency has issued a food alert after finding batches of Rajah curry powder included chilli powder containing the illegal dye Sudan I.

Sudan I is not a permitted colour under the Colours in Food Regulations 1995. It is considered to be a genotoxic carcinogen and its presence, at any level, is not permitted in foodstuffs for any purpose.

BE International Foods has undertaken a full trade withdrawal of the products and are advising that anyone who has any of these products at home should either throw them away or call the company's customer helpline on 0800 072 4090 to arrange for a refund and collection of the product.

The Rajah brand products listed below have been identified as containing Sudan I

Size Best before end codes; all until:

Rajah Premium Hot Curry Powder 100g tins June 2008
425g tins June 2008
400g packets June 2007

Rajah Premium Mild Curry Powder 100g tins June 2008
425g packets June 2008
400g packets June 2007

These sizes of the products are sold through Somerfield Stores, Budgens Stores, Kwik Save Stores, and cash and carry outlets. Any product with a 'best before end' code after this date is not affected by this recall.