Council receives draft report on Local Plan Review Inquiry

Winchester City Council has received the draft Inspector's Report following the Public Inquiry into the Council's Local Plan Review.

The draft report sets out the Inspectors' conclusions and recommendations on each of the objections made at the two consultation stages. These objections were considered at a Public Local Inquiry, which took place between June 2004 and March 2005.

"As this will determine the Council's planning policies for the next few years, officers now have to go through the report page by page to carry out a factual check of the 359-page document," said Cllr John Beveridge, the City Council's portfolio holder for planning.

"The report will not be published until we have carried out this check and, if necessary, requested further comment from the Planning Inspectorate on matters of clarity or omission," he added.

This could take up to 40 working days, but should hopefully be much quicker, after which time the Council will have a further 8 weeks in which to publish the report. 

"We will endeavour to release the report as quickly as possible. But until the final report is published, Council officers will not be able to comment on its contents and I would ask anyone with an interest not to contact us before its publication," said Cllr Beveridge.

The report will be published on the City Council's website which can be checked on a regular basis for the publication date.