Possession order against tenant

The County Court has granted Winchester City Council a possession order against Miss Michelle Craig of Middle Brook Street, Winchester, following a series of complaints from neighbours over the past year. The warrant has been issued and the bailiff instructed to act within 14 days.

The Court was told there had been persistent anti-social behaviour from the occupants of the flat, including verbal abuse, swearing, drunkenness and loud noise from music and television.

"Despite several warnings and interviews the anti-social behaviour continued and we had no option but to take court action," said Richard Botham, the City Council's Head of Landlord Services.

"This is always a last resort but we make it very clear to our tenants when they sign their tenancy agreement that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated. As a landlord we have to look after the interests of all of our tenants and in this instance, the behaviour was causing stress and worry to all the neighbours," he added.