City Council cash office move

The Winchester City Council cash office at its Colebrook Street headquarters is being moved to a new office in a ground floor annexe of the building, ready to open on Monday 18 October. The main reception area is also being redesigned and refurbished over the next six months

There will be two till positions in the new cash office, which will be in the annexe next to the existing reception area.

"These two till positions will be enough to deal with customers most of the time," said Director of Finance Sheila Boden. "However, if customers come in to pay at the beginning of the month, which is our busiest time, they may have a short wait."

She added that there were other ways customers could also pay their rent and council tax, including the new on-line method through the internet or touch-tone telephone.

Customers can pay by
• direct debit
• the internet with a debit card
• touch-tone telephone with a debit card
• a handitill in the main reception area, with cheque or cash
• at the post office.

Staff on the Housing or Council Tax reception desks can give advice to anyone wanting further information on details of how to pay.

Leaflets outlining the changes to the cash office arrangements have been available to customers over the past few weeks.