Food Standards Agency issues advice about fruit pies

The Food Standards Agency today advised consumers that some pies in batches of three brands of fruit pies have been found to contain mould. The Agency understands that this is because a preservative was left out during the production process, which has resulted in the mould growing.

The three affected brands, all made by Manor Bakeries, are: Mr Kipling Six Fruit Selection Dessert Pies, ASDA Six Assorted Fruit Pies and Tesco Summer Fruit Pies, all of which have UK wide distribution.

Whilst the products are believed to have been removed from the shelves, people could still have them at home as the best before dates are up to June 11th. The amount of mould in any affected pies is likely to increase the longer they are kept. There are nearly a million pies in total in the three batches.

Whilst eating the mouldy pies is unlikely to be a signficiant health risk, it could be unpleasant and there have been at least 28 consumer complaints received by local authorities so far.

Anyone who has a product from the affected batch should return it to their retailer and request a refund.

The full details of the affected products are:
Mr Kipling 6 Fruit Selection Dessert Pies
Lot Number 131, Best Before Date 3rd June 2004
Lot Number 133, Best Before Date 5th June 2004
Lot Number 138, Best Before Date 10th June 2004
No other Mr Kipling Products are known to be affected.

ASDA 6 Assorted Fruit Pies
2 Apple Pies, 2 Blackcurrant Pies, 2 Apricot Pies
Lot Number 131, Best Before Date 1st June 2004
Lot Number 133, Best Before Date 3rd June 2004
No other ASDA Products are known to be affected.

Tesco Summer Fruit Pies
Lot Number 126, Best Before Date 29th May 2004
Lot Number 128, Best Before Date 31st May 2004
Lot Number 132, Best Before Date 4th June 2004
Lot Number 139, Best Before Date 11th June 2004
No other Tesco products are known to be affected.

For further information contact Winchester City Council's Environmental Health Service on 01962 848470