Whiteley Meadowside Centre backs commit to get fit campaign

Residents of Whiteley and surrounding areas will have the opportunity to 'Commit to Get Fit' at the Meadowside Centre this summer, when they are invited to take free walking fitness assessments as part of a national fitness campaign. The national aim is to encourage up to 100,000 people to make regular activity a part of their lives.

The centre will also be offering discounted short-term memberships throughout the summer - four weeks fitness membership for only £15 - providing the perfect opportunity for people to take the first steps to a healthier lifestyle.

The Commit to Get Fit campaign, which is backed by Sir Steve Redgrave and is now in its 13th year, launched at the beginning of July.

James Wade, Club Manager at The Meadowside Centre, said the Centre is offering the public the chance to walk in free of charge to take the Rockport Walking Fitness Assessment - a very simple one mile walking test that can be completed on a treadmill.

"The test provides a result whatever pace people walk, so it is ideal for those new to exercise or those that haven't been physically active for sometime. Our professional fitness instructors will be on hand to administer the test, which is a well-respected measurement of cardiovascular fitness. We hope that people will re-take the test after completing the campaign and see the real difference they can make to their fitness in a matter of weeks," he added.

A host of celebrities have supported Commit to Get Fit, including sporting heroes such as Daley Thompson, Seb Coe, Sally Gunnell, James Cracknell and Sue Barker, along with stars from the world of entertainment such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patsy Palmer, Chris Moyles and Jon Culshaw.

Sir Steve Redgrave says: "I am delighted to support this year's Commit to Get Fit campaign. As someone who has diabetes, I know that physical activity can help with diabetes control. In some cases taking exercise can also prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes from developing. Commit to Get Fit is a great way of encouraging us all to get fit and feel healthy."

"There are around 1.4 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK, and a further one million who have the condition and don't yet know it. Lifestyle factors, such as a lack of exercise and unhealthy diet, are major contributing factors to the increasing number of cases of diabetes in the UK. We all need to do something about it now to prevent a major health catastrophe in the future," he added.

The campaign is also supported by the National Health Service and plays an important part in its commitment to the national health agenda, providing the ideal kick-start for people seeking motivation to begin building activity into their lives including working out regularly.

To find out more about Commit to Get Fit 2004 at the Meadowside Centre call 01489 577464