Denmead Neighbourhood Plan Statement of Consultation September 2014 Appendices

Denmead Neighbourhood Plan Statement of Consultation (September 2014) Appendices.

You can use the following links to download the apendices of the Denmead Neighbourhood Plan Statement of Consultation (September 2014).

Statement of Consultation - List of Appendices:-

A. Launch

  1. Steering Group – Terms of Reference
  2. Formal letter to WCC for support
  3. Publicising the area of a Plan
  4. Example of roller banner used to promote awareness of the Plan
  5. Newspaper classified for the Plan
  6. Slides used at launch meeting
  7. DNF Vision and Development Principles
  8. Forum launch visioning exercise
  9. Example of letter of invitation to join Forum


B. Village Centre Engagement (Phase 1)

  1. Stickers given out to children
  2. Publicity posters used on village noticeboards
  3. Example of the ‘marmite’ postcard survey
  4. Summary of the survey results
  5. Letter and list of key infrastructure providers consulted.
  6. Letter to businesses and example of completed survey form


C.Engagement at the former NatWest (Phase 2)

  1. Demographics of residents who took part
  2. Publicity poster used of village notice boards
  3. Copy of foamex boards used to inform residents of Plan progress
  4. Report of projects run by the Infant and Junior School
  5. Report on the second phase of community engagement
  6. Photo examples of the completed wall charts


D. Engagement around the village Evidence Base (phase 3)

  1. Copy of foamex boards used to inform on the options
  2. Example of A0 & A4 posters used to promote engagement
  3. Example of postcard survey
  4. Report on the third round of community engagement


E. Pre Submission Consultation

 1A.  Example of poster used on village notice boards to promote meetings
 1B.  Banner 'Your Say' (added 03.10.14) 
 2A.  Pre Submission Consultation Flyer
 2B.  Email Regarding Pre-Submission Consultation (added 03.10.14) 
 3.    Five facts posts delivered to all residents
 4.    Copy of Pre Submission Plan 
 5.    Copy of foamex boards used at meetings
 6.    Responses to consultation
 7.    Regulation 14 Report
 8.    List of people consulted
 9.    Web site access statistics
10A. SEA Scoping letter sent to statutory bodies
10B. Summary of Questions at Pre-Submission Consultation (added 03.10.14)

F. Other supporting engagement material

  1. Newsletter of the RTPI
  2. Articles from the local newspaper The News
  3. Newsletters and Chairman’s Updates
  4. Denmead Scene newsletter issues 110 – 121
  5. A3 Flyer to all households to give an update and promote residents meeting


G. Outputs from Working Groups

  1. Employers and Employment
  2. Demographic and Housing
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Burial Ground
  5. Gypsy and Traveller site
  6. Population change and employment needs