Popular Publications

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1. Venta Belgarum – The Roman Town of Winchester

£3.75 inc p + p.

Explore Roman Winchester with this souvenir guide based on exhibits on display in the Venta Gallery at the Winchester City Museum.

25pp, richly illustrated in full colour.


2. Wintanceaster – Saxon & Medieval Winchester

£3.75 inc. p + p.

Find out more about Saxon & Medieval Winchester with this souvenir guide based on exhibits on display in the Wintanceaster Gallery at the Winchester City Museum.

25pp, richly illustrated in full colour. By Geoff Denford.


3. Winchester – Into the Modern Age

£3.75 inc. p + p.

Review the recent history of Winchester with this souvenir guide based on exhibits on display in the Winchester Gallery of the Winchester City Museum.

25pp, richly illustrated in full colour. By Tye Brisbane.


SPECIAL - Museums Guide Pack

£7.99 inc. p + p.

Special boxed set of all three City Museum guidebooks - Venta Belgarum, Wintanceaster, and Winchester - for a discounted price


4. Westgate Souvenir Guide

£3.75 inc. p + p.

Explore the full story of Winchester's last surviving main gateway, and learn more about exhibits currently on display. 

25pp, richly illustrated in full colour.


5. Treasures of Hyde Abbey

£4.99 inc. p + p.

If you missed the show-stopping exhibition in 2010, don't worry - this beautifully designed guidebook encapsulates the best of the exhibition to tell you all you need to know.

21pp, fully illustrated.


6. Fittings from an 18th Century Pharmacy

£3.25 inc. p + p.

Reprinted from Post-Medieval Archaeology, this article describes the history and fittings of Hunt's the Chemist, an eighteenth-century pharmacy whose interior is now reconstructed on the ground floor of the City Museum.

29pp, illustrated.  By Elizabeth Lewis & William Boorman.


7. Old Winchester Shops

£1.75 inc. p + p.

Reconstructed Victorian and Edwardian shops can be found on the ground floor of the Winchester City Museum.  Read all about the quaint and romantic shops of old Winchester and explore a vanished world with this leaflet.

10pp, fully illustrated.  By Tye Brisbane.


8. Weights and Measures of the City of Winchester

£2.00 inc. p + p.

The City of Winchester is fortunate enough to have in its collections the oldest surviving set of standard weights, the oldest standard yard measure and a fine collection of other ancient weights and measures.  Find out more about the historic association of the name "Winchester" with English measures of capacity.

14pp, fully illustrated.


9. Ice to Iron - Prehistoric Peoples in Hampshire
£3.75 inc. p + p

Discover Winchester's prehistoric past with this guide, examining the human activity in the area from the first hunter-gatherers to the arrival of the Romans.

45pp, richly illustrated.

10. Historical Map Of Winchester About 1800
£10.99 inc p + p

A brand-new project from the Winchester Excavations Committee and the Historic Towns Trust, showing major medieval and later buildings, places of historic interest and land use around the year 1800. With an introduction and explanatory gazetteer.

Full colour.

11. Nunnaminster – A Saxon & Medieval Community of Nuns
£3.25 inc p + p

A short guide to the results of archaeological investigation fo the site of Nunnaminster and St. Mary's Abbey, on the site of the present Guildhall. This booklet tells the story of Nunnaminster and St. Mary's Abbey, and something of the way of life of the community of nuns who lived there.

30pp, illustrated. By G.D. Scobie & K.E. Qualmann.

12. Walking through the Iron Age - A guide to Iron Age sites & landscapes in the Winchester Area
£2.25 inc p + p

A guide to four walks around Iron Age sites in the Winchester area as well, giving a brief background to the history and archaeology of the period.

8pp, colour.

13. Politics and Printing in Winchester 1830-1880
£2.00 inc p + p

Rival parties kept local printers busy at election time in Victorian England.  Find out more about the Stopher Collection of scurrilous posters, libellous handbills and broadsides of satirical verses and parodies, 30 of which are reproduced in this vintage publication from 1980.

48pp, black and white, illustrated.


14.  The Lost Theatres of Winchester, 1620-1861

£2.00 inc p + p

Only three copies left of this vintage off-print examining Winchester's early theatres, and the forgotten visits of celebrated stage giants from long ago.

108pp,black and white, illustrated.

Godson’s Map of Winchester, 1750
£3.25 inc p + p

A reprint of Godson's 1750 Map of Winchester, suitable for framing, showing the old city before its eighteenth and nineteenth-century expansion. A must-have for any Winchester resident or local history enthusiast.

Black and white.