Tenant Information Project

Since November and December 2013 Winchester City Council have been contacting all our tenants, asking for details about themselves and their households to ensure the records held are up to date and correct. Questions are also being asked around support needs, welfare reform and digital inclusion to inform the work the Housing Service is doing in preparation for Universal Credit.

Marketing Means, an independent research company, have been instructed to collect this information on the council’s behalf for those tenants who are living in General Needs accommodation. Tenants have been sent a form to complete with a covering letter explaining the exercise together with a prepaid envelope to return the completed form. Tenants have also had the option of completing the form online.

Tenants who have particular needs i.e. require documents in large print, translations, supported tenant etc, are being contacted either by their Area Housing Manager or the Supported Tenancy Officer. Tenants living in sheltered accommodation will receive a visit from the Sheltered Housing Team.

If tenants have any questions or concerns they can get in touch with either Marketing Means using the following free phone number 0800 849 4019 or if they prefer to speak to some-one at Winchester City Council they can use the Housing Hotline number 01962 848 400.

The objective is to collect this information for every household therefore those tenants who have not returned the form will now be contacted by telephone by Marketing Means officers to complete the form over the phone.