Consultation event with pupils of Henry Beaufort School on 10 July 2013

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The purpose of the event was:

  • To consult with young people in the Weeke/Harestock/Teg Down area regarding options to improve an open space or spaces in the area to mitigate for the loss of the open space at Westman Road for affordable housing
  • To enable young people to contribute to decisions made about the area in which they live and/or go to school
  • To inform young people about possible future plans for a linear park along Fromond Road and seek their views on it.

The event was organized through teacher, Fran Arnold and the school’s pupil council. We are very grateful to them for their help. It took place for a 2 hour period during the school day.

The results:

The pupils of Henry Beaufort School who took part in the event were welcoming to the Council. The students listened to us carefully and provided thoughtful responses to our request both for votes on options and comments about the longer term vision for Weeke. The information we obtained will be immensely useful to us in deciding which open spaces to improve and with what equipment, as part of the planning proposal for Westman Road. We hope, in return, that it was an interesting exercise for the pupils to take part in and that it will result in an improved open space that they will be able to enjoy. (see photo above)

The most popular first choice for girls is the outside gym equipment at Dean Park, Stockbridge Road.

The most popular first choice for boys is provision of basket ball posts and football nets at Dean Park.

The decision on which open spaces to improve and with what equipment will be made by local Ward Members and council officers.