Potential Locations

There are a number of options for finding a suitable location which are listed below:

Using a Road or Street for your event

If you are planning to hold an event on a road or street within the Winchester District, you need to read the following information and guidance.

Events held on or off the highway may have an adverse effect on traffic and pedestrians. Either by causing additional congestion or introducing hazards to event attendees or other road users. Accordingly, some event organisers will be asked to provide a Traffic Management Plan to show how they will minimise the impact of their event on traffic.

Winchester City Council is the primary contact for all special events being organised within the Winchester District. However, there are a number of other organisations which play a key role in assessing and approving Traffic Management Plans, including the Highway Authority - Hampshire County Council (the Traffic Authority), the Police, the emergency services and the Highways Agency.

The size and detail to be covered by an event's Traffic Management Plan will be dictated by the impact of the event on the local highway network.

Hampshire County Council and the other key organisations involved in traffic issues have developed some guidance notes on what is expected of organisers in producing a suitable traffic management plan.

Other useful details can be found on the following links:

If you have any further queries or wish to inform Winchester City Council of your proposed event, please email eventplanning@winchester.gov.uk

Location identified but unsure who owns the land

If you have a particular piece of land in mind to hold your event but are unsure of the owner you may like to carry out a Land Registry Search (there is a charge for this service). Further details can be found by visiting the Land Registry website.

Parish Council land

If you hope to hold your event on Parish Council land, you will need to obtain permission. Get in touch with the Parish Council using our list of contact details.