Nine Abandoned Dogs in Winchester

The dogs – a mother aged around eight-years-old and eight younger dogs between one- and three-years-old – were found at several locations: two at Longwood Dean Lane, Owslebury; three at Lower Baybridge Lane, Owslebury; three on the Morestead Road; and one found in Alresford and handed in to a local vet there.

The dogs were in poor condition, with severely matted fur and unable to stand or see properly.

There are around 150 – 200 strays a year in the Winchester district - 40% of them are not reclaimed and have to be re-homed using rescue centres. This picture is the same nationally and people who would like a rescue dog should contact a rescue centre. Donations to support animal welfare are always welcome and may be made to the RSPCA.
Microchipping will be a legal requirement by 6 April 2016. This will enable the local authority to reunite lost dogs with their owners quickly.

The investigation into who mistreated and abandoned the nine dogs in the Winchester district continues. Evidence is being gathered and the City Council is still urging the public to come forward – email or call 01962 840 222.

Apologies but we are unable to respond to individual emails and phonecalls because of the high volume of enquiries. We appreciate all the offers to rehome the dogs but this will most likely be with a Rescue Centre, the RSPCA or the Dogs’ Trust in the first instance.