Have a waste-free party and win prizes with a Leftover Lunch box

People all over the Winchester District are being offered the chance to run their own Leftover Lunch party using exclusive River Cottage recipes. The party theme is 'reducing food waste' and people at the party have a chance to win River Cottage goodies such as £50 gift vouchers, a signed book by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, or a bottle of local bubbly.

The Leftover Lunch party box was a Great Waste production, launched at the River Cottage canteen in Abbey Gardens on 12 May 2015 at a sell-out event, with 100 people playing casino-style games about food waste and food that’s often left over, and sampling delicious nibbles made from the party recipes.

Joy Housham, a volunteer from Winchester Action on Climate Change, said:

I did not know you could make crisps from vegetable peelings but they were delicious. I am looking forward to running a lunch for my friends in Sparsholt soon.

Jeremy Carter, Project Support officer for The Great Waste said, “Everybody joined in the games enthusiastically and it was such a positive evening. There are some great ideas in the party box to help people stop food going off and getting chucked out. It should save money too”.

The Leftover Lunch box contains everything needed to run a small party for four guests, including the invitations, the activities and the recipe cards. Guests are invited to bring a particular ingredient and the meal is made and eaten together. By sending back a pledge card to reduce food waste at home, everybody can enter a free prize draw each month.

The Great Waste initiative is a joint venture with Winchester City Council and Winchester Action on Climate Change with 12 months of events and activities to help people reduce waste and increase recycling. Seven million tonnes of food is thrown out in the UK each year and over half of it could have been eaten. This is a significant part of the waste that goes to incineration in Winchester District. The common food waste problems are buying too much, losing track of use-by dates and cooking too much.

The materials can be downloaded from The Great Waste website www.thegreatwaste.org.uk . A few Leftover Lunch boxes are still available. Anyone who wants one should contact thegreatwaste@winacc.org.uk