UPDATE: Team Venta's journey

The team after donating items to Winchester Basics Bank

The team had a fantastic few months with great effort put in from all members involved! James Roberts, the team leader, kicked off the Brathay Apprentice Challenge by assigning roles and responsibilities to each member of the team, so they all had an important role to play. Once this was decided James led a meeting with volunteered mentors from all around the organisation; introducing the project and brainstorming ideas for the community project. James said:

“The most important lesson that I have learnt is that commitment and communication is the key to delivering your Project. I believe I am more confident in my ability to lead a team to achieve an agreed objective.”

Promoting the apprenticeship scheme was the most important part of the project. In order to do this, the team set up their own Twitter account and they all provided content for the re‐designed apprentice section of the corporate website. Chandler Divers thinks:

“This was one of my favourite parts as it allowed us to put our own personal stamp on the website. I feel proud every time I look at the new apprentice section!”

Press releases were also used to promote the apprentices work. Elliot Prior said:

“I have learnt new skills regarding my communication and marketing skills. I have helped write press releases which is something I had no previous experience of.”

The team worked together to promote the apprenticeship scheme to schools and businesses. Nina Harper organised successful trips to schools and colleges, setting up presentations and leaflets to educate young people about apprenticeship opportunities. Nina said:

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to speak to students about the opportunities available and hopefully I inspired the next generation!”

They also went to hold a presentation at a local business, which was also very successful. Ollie Culhane thought that this went very well and said:

“It was great to be able to talk to other businesses about the scheme and the kind of things we get up to here at the Council.”

Another major part of the project was organising a community challenge. Matt Scott organised for the team to go to the Cattle Market car boot sale and raise money for Winchester Basics Bank. Matt said:

“This was a very productive morning for the team and it was great to see all of the community spirit!”

The money raised (£500) was spent on a wide variety food and clothing and was donated just before Easter. Jade Moses said:

“This was one of my favourite parts as it felt really good to give something back to the community.”

Dom Eley echoed this by saying:

“I liked that we did something worthwhile and that we all worked as a team to deliver the items to the charity.”

With all of these under their belt, the apprentices should be very proud of their efforts and they’d like to thank their colleagues for their continued support. The apprentices will continue to keep up the fantastic work, after their well‐deserved break.