Devolution latest - 15 February 2016

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight devolution partnership has all-but-completed the work required to unlock a devolution deal.

At the request of the Government, the 19 partners, including Winchester City Council and the 14 other local councils, two Local Enterprise Partnerships and two National Park Authorities from the area, have provided additional details about their proposals on a number of topics.
This includes low-cost housing delivery, funding for vital infrastructure such as roads and schools and how the decisions that would be passed down from Government would be taken at a local level.

During a recent visit the Minister with responsibility for devolution, James Wharton MP, asked the partnership to agree that the devolved powers should be given to a new elected ‘metro mayor’ for the area.

The partners have considered this issue fully and agreed that, while they can see the benefits of a ‘metro mayor’ for big cities such as London or Manchester, they do not see it as the right model for a large, diverse and extensively rural area such as Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight partners are ready to deliver a devolution deal, but only when they are convinced that it will benefit people in the area by bringing genuine devolution of power and funds from Whitehall down to Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

They look forward to the Government’s response and agreement on a devolution package that can be presented to local councillors, residents and businesses.