Cabinet (Local Plan) Committee

What does it do

This Cabinet Committee was established by the 15 November 2006 meeting of Cabinet and was appointed to oversee the preparation and production of Development Plan Documents.

The membership of this Committee is listed at the bottom of this page.

In addition, it has been agreed that the following standing list of councillors be invited to attend and offer views at meetings of the Committee:

Chairman of the Planning (Development Control) Committee, Cllr Ruffell; plus Councillors Bell, Evans and Read (Deputy Cllr Rutter) and Ward Councillors, where appropriate. A representative from the South Downs National Park Authority.

Public Participation

Public participation will be permitted at the Chairman's discretion, in accordance with the Committee's adopted public participation procedure.

Whilst this procedure sets out the usual arrangements, it is recognised that on certain occations, a more flexible approach to the involvement of non-Committee Members will be required.  In these circumstances, the Chairman can use his discretion to waive the adopted public procedure rules as set out on the 'Public Participation at meetings' link on the list on the left of this page.

Terms of Reference

(a) To determine all matters in the following stages of the production of the Local Plan:

(i) Preparation Stage – the evidence base and arrangements for community involvement; publication of preparatory draft documents and associated public consultation.

(b) To advise and make recommendations to Cabinet and Council upon the following stages of production of the Local Plan:

(i) approval of any full Local Plan document for initial consultation;
(ii) approval of any Proposed Submission Local Plan Document prior to submission to the Secretary of State.
(iii) Adoption of Local Plan Documents following the Inspector’s report and recommended modifications after the Examination.

(c) Insofar as Neighbourhood Planning documents and the CIL charging schedule:

(i) To determine all matters as relevant in the preparation, production, publication of Neighbourhood Planning documents and to advise Council as to the subsequent adoption of:-

• Neighbourhood Planning documents as covered by the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 (Neighbourhood Areas;
• Neighbourhood Forums;
• Community Right to Build Organisations;
• Neighbourhood Development Plans;
• Neighbourhood development orders; and
• Community right to build orders;

(ii) to advise and make recommendations to Cabinet in respect of the preparation, consultation and production of the CIL charging schedule (or any modification thereof) including submission for examination and subsequent adoption.

(d) To consider and agree the adoption of Supplementary Planning Documents.

(e) To determine matters upon related projects and studies to the Local Plan or to make recommendations to Cabinet.

(f) To consider and comment on behalf of the Council in respect of the Regional Strategy, Local Development Frameworks, Neighbourhood Planning documents and other relevant plans or consultation exercises by Government, local authorities or other relevant bodies.

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Last Meeting

30 June 2017 10:00 AM

Next Meeting

4 December 2017 4:30 PM

Current Committee Members

Councillor Caroline Brook
Position: Chair

Councillor Caroline Horrill
Position: Member

Councillor Robert Humby
Position: Member

Councillor Jan Warwick
Position: Member

Councillor Steve Miller
Position: Deputy


Nancy Graham
Position: Senior Democratic Services Officer
Telephone: 01962 848235