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The City Council River Park Leisure Centre is now more than 40 years old and its ability to meet the needs of a growing population in Winchester is limited. The City Council has looked at various options for replacing or refurbishing it and has decided that its preferred way forward is to build a new facility in partnership with the University of Winchester, Hampshire County Council and others.

The Bar End Forum will provide a platform for engagement between Ward Members, local groups, representatives of local residents associations and other stakeholders. It will provide an opportunity to discuss issues of interest and concern to members of the forum in relation to the impact of the proposed development as they arise and to provide an effective advisory role prior to decisions being made. These would include:

• The use and allocation of public land in and around Bar End, including the old depot site, King George V Sports Field, the Garrison Ground, the sports stadium and the public land around Chilcomb Lane
• The design, layout and siting of buildings and other facilities
• Transport, parking and access issues particularly as they affect local residents
• The operational relationship between users of the site
• The impact of proposals for Bar End on existing residents and community activities
• How long term benefits for local residents can be achieved

The Forum may express views on matters which it considers important or on which it is consulted for consideration by decision makers. Minutes of all meetings are to be made and reviewed by Cabinet, so that recommendations can be responded to promptly.

The Forum may comment on matters which will inform a planning application but is not an alternative to any part of the planning process and to avoid confusion the Forum will not meet once a planning application has been submitted and until it is determined.

Public Participation Procedure


1. There will be a period of 10 minutes maximum at the beginning of each Forum meeting when the Chairman will invite the public to raise any general matters of interest and/or matters relating to the work of the Forum. Detailed matters related to agenda items will not be accepted at this point, as there will be an opportunity for these comments to be heard later in the meeting. As is the usual practice for general public participation, however, officers and Members may not be able to immediately respond at the meeting to points raised by the public where these relate to non-agenda items.

Consideration of Individual Agenda Items

2. After an officer has introduced an agenda item, the Chairman will invite public participation on matters relating to that agenda item. At this point, a period of up to ten minutes (subject to extension at the Chairman’s discretion) will be allowed for public comments. During this period, members of the public, including local interest groups, will be able to object, support or ask questions directly relating to the agenda item and contents of the officer report.

3. An individual speaker will be limited to a maximum of three minutes per agenda item. Where a number of members of the public wish to speak, they will be encouraged to agree the allocation of the maximum ten minute period for public participation. The Democratic Services Officer will assist in this process before the start of the meeting. The Chairman will retain a general discretion to manage the public speaking process, and may limit individual speakers to less than three minutes, or take other steps necessary in order to maximise public participation in an appropriate way. The extension of the total 10 minutes limit allowed for the public to discuss an agenda item will be at the discretion of the Chairman.

4. There will be no further opportunity for the public to comment on an agenda item once the period of public participation has ended, even if the prescribed period has not been reached. The subsequent discussion, consideration and decision on the matter will then passed to Forum Members.

5. Members and Officers will not provide an immediate response to public comments raised from the floor. All comments and queries will be noted and the Chairman will invite Officers and/or Members to respond to specific points during the round table debate and discussion amongst Forum members that follows.

6. Members of the public should wherever possible contact the Democratic Services Officer before the start of the meeting (preferably by telephone or email prior to the day of the meeting), so that as many people who wish to speak can be accommodated during the public participation sessions.

Forum Debate and Vote

7. The Chairman will subsequently invite questions and open the discussion and debate to all Members of the Forum and will invite officers and/or Members to respond to any public comments raised from the floor. Where appropriate, a vote will be taken to reach a formal recommendation on the agenda item.


The Forum will be quorate if five voting representatives are present.


The Bar End Forum shall consist of the following standing members:

Winchester City Council Councillors:
• St Michael’s Ward City Councillors Guy Ashton (Chair of the Forum), Fiona Mather, Ian Tait

Hampshire County Councillor:
• Eastgate Division County Councillor Fiona Mather

Winchester City Council Cabinet Portfolio Holder:
• Portfolio Holder for Environment, Health and Wellbeing – Councillor Frank Pearson

Winchester City Council Chair of Winchester Town Forum or appointee:
• Councillor Anne Weir

• A representative from the Highcliffe Community Forum for Action who shall be resident in the ward

• A representative from the St Giles Hill Residents Association who shall be resident in the ward

• A representative from the Highcliffe Allotments Association who shall be resident in the ward

• A representative from residents of Chilcomb Lane who shall be resident in the ward

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9 January 2017 6:00 PM

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