[Discontinued] Cabinet (Housing Delivery) Committee

What does it do

At Cabinet on 16 May 2013 it was agreed that the work of this Committee has been combined with that of the Housing Committee into one new Cabinet (Housing) Committee with revised terms of reference and membership. Further details on the new Cabinet (Housing) Committee can be found at the bottom of this page.

Terms of Reference

The principal purpose of the Committee is to oversee the Council’s affordable housing development programme and to ensure the programme achieves appropriate levels of quality and quantity of housing within the policy and budget framework approved by Council.

Referred Matters

To advise Cabinet and Council on:

1. Whether to approve or modify the policy and budget framework for the 3 year Housing Development Programme for both the Council and Registered Providers and the associated funding requirements from both the Housing Revenue Account and General Fund, which will be kept under regular review.

2. Whether to make changes to the Housing Development policy and budget framework to take account of new legislation or changes to the Housing Revenue Account Business Plan.

To advise Cabinet on:

1. The detailed list of individual schemes within the 3 year Housing Development Programme for both the Council and Registered Providers, and to keep the Programme under regular review recommending the addition or deletion of schemes.

2. Whether to approve or modify the Council’s New Homes Development Strategy and Council House design requirements.

3. The rental policy for properties provided under the Housing Development Programme.

4. Any proposals in which the limitations set out below in the Delegated Matters would be exceeded.

Delegated Matters

To exercise the following executive functions in relation to the Housing Development Programme:

1. To agree and authorise any matters in relation to schemes within the 3 year Housing Development Programme which are in accordance with the policy and budget framework approved by Cabinet and/or Council, subject to such budgetary and other constraints set out below or that Cabinet and/or Council may impose.

2. To agree changes to the timetable or scheduling of works within the approved 3 year Housing Development Programme or in cases of urgency substituting new schemes in place of schemes that will no longer come forward providing such schemes comply with the agreed Value for Money criteria for appraisals and the capital and revenue costs can be met within approved HRA or GF budgets, and within the Council’s approved Prudential Indicators.

3. Exercising the powers of Cabinet under the Financial Procedure Rules to approve a capital or revenue virement up to £100,000 subject to the requirement to give The Overview and Scrutiny Committee the opportunity to call in any virements in excess of £50,000 (Note – virement is not appropriate where there will be savings in one Fund and additional costs incurred in another Fund e.g. between the General Fund and the Housing Revenue Account. Also, any requests for a supplementary estimate on the HRA will have implications for the HRA Business Plan and these matters will therefore need to be referred to Cabinet or Council as appropriate).

4. Exercising the powers of Cabinet under the Contract Procedure Rules in relation to procurement contracts for works, goods, software or services up to a value of £2,000,000 or £200,000 per annum, whichever is the greater:
(i) Approval of price/quality evaluation criteria;
(ii) Approval of short-listing procedures, short-list selection and approved lists of contractors, including the authorisation of any departures from Contract Procedure Rules;
(iii) Award of Contract;
(iv) Approval of schemes under Financial Procedure Rule 6.4 – authority to release expenditure for capital schemes;
(v) Approval of final cost for capital schemes under Financial Procedure Rule 7.12.

5. To agree any land disposals at best consideration or where the undervalue does not exceed £50,000. To agree any disposals at less than best consideration where the undervalue does not exceed £250,000 provided the matter is not called-in for review by The Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

6. To review and monitor the Council’s performance and use of resources in the above areas, including but not restricted to the implementation of change plans, performance against national and local performance indicators, and identification of risks and action taken to mitigate those risks.

Public Participation

Public Participation is at the Chairman’s discretion. If your question relates to an item on the agenda, you will normally be asked to speak at the time of the relevant item. Representations will be limited to a maximum of 3 minutes, subject to a maximum 15 minutes set aside for all questions and answers. If several people wish to speak on the same subject, the Chairman may ask for one person to speak on everyone's behalf. As time is limited, a "first come first served" basis will be operated.

To reserve your place to speak, you are asked to arrive no later than 10 minutes before the start of the meeting to register your intention to speak. Please contact the Democratic Services Officer in advance for further details.


In the event of any of the standing members not being available for a particular meeting, another member of Cabinet will be selected in alphabetical rotation by the Head of Democratic Services to substitute for the standing member.

In addition, the following standing list of Councillors are invited to attend and offer views at meetings of the Committee:
(a) Councillors Coates, Scott, Izard, Rutter and J Berry
(b) Two TACT representative

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Last Meeting

22 May 2013 10:00 AM

Current Committee Members


Nancy Graham
Position: Senior Democratic Services Officer
Telephone: 01962 848235
Email: ngraham@winchester.gov.uk