Planning (Viewing) Sub-Committee

What does it do

Planning (Viewing) Sub Committees are held when the Planning Committee has decided that it is not possible to determine an application, without visiting the application site to consider at first hand particular material planning considerations. The reasons for the visit are agreed at the Planning Committee, following a preliminary discussion, and may be as a result of officer advice. The reasons are also recorded in the minutes of that meeting.

The Viewing Sub Committee’s membership is drawn only from those Planning Committee members (which could include deputies) who attended the Committee which agreed to defer the application.

Although Ward Members (who are not already on the Committee) and a representative of the appropriate Parish Council will be invited to attend meetings; they do not have voting rights, nor will be able to make representation to the Sub Committee.

Members of the public are welcome to attend, however there will be no further opportunity to make representation to the Sub Committee.  This is because the Committee would have already heard public participation representations at the original Planning Committee which established the Viewing Sub-Committee.

If the Planning Committee has decided that the Sub Committee should not specially report back to Committee, then a decision will be made at the Sub-Committee meeting.

At the site visit prior to the Sub Committee meeting

Members, officers, and the Ward Member(s) will visit the site (in the company of the developer) immediately prior to a Sub Committee meeting, to familiarise themselves with the site and the planning issues.

Ward Members and developers will be permitted to point out factual aspects of the site and the proposed development only, and will not be allowed to present their case (whether for or against the proposal). The developer will be encouraged to inform the officers of the features on site that are relevant so that the officers can point these out to Members and also to ensure the safety of Members and officers while they are on the site. The Sub Committee may, with the consent of neighbours and at the Chairman’s discretion, visit neighbouring properties to view the application site. The visiting of neighbouring sites will be coordinated by the Planning Case Officer.

The public and Parish Council representatives will not be invited to attend the site visit, but may attend the subsequent Sub Committee meeting.

At the Sub Committee meeting the following procedure will apply:

1. Introduction by the Chairman.
2. Short presentation by the Planning Case Officer on the application and the issues that need to be addressed (the full presentation would have been heard at the original Planning Committee which established the Viewing Sub-Committee).
3. Questions from the Sub Committee members to the officers.
4. Debate on the merits or otherwise of the application
5. The Sub Committee makes its decision to grant, refuse or defer the application.  This is minuted and presented to the next available meeting of the Planning Committee for information only.

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Last Meeting

11 September 2017 10:30 AM

Current Committee Members


Claire Buchanan
Position: Senior Democratic Services Officer
Telephone: 01962 848 438

Dave Shaw
Position: Principal Democratic Services Officer
Telephone: 01962 848221