The Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Monday 20 June 2011 6:30 PM

Walton Suite, Guildhall, Winchester


Claire Buchanan
Position: Senior Democratic Services Officer
Telephone: 01962 848 438

Business Items

1 - View minutes of this meeting

Minutes, 20 June 2011 83KB

6 - Public Participation

– to receive and note questions asked and statements made from members of the public on matters which fall within the remit of the Committee.

7 - Appointments to Batch 1 and 2 Informal Scrutiny Groups 2011/12

OS12 27KB

8 - Annual Scrutiny Report 2010-11

OS3 148KB

9 - Monitoring Report – Key Decisions not included within the Forward Plan during 2010/11 Municipal Year

OS4 51KB

10 - Low Carbon Economy Informal Scrutiny Group: Final Report

OS8 54KB

11 - Leader Portfolio Quarter 4 Performance Monitoring 2010/11

OS5 197KB

12 - Efficient and Effective Council Quarter 4 Performance Monitoring 2010/11

OS6 186KB

13 - High Quality Environment Outcome Quarter 4 Performance Monitoring 2010/11

OS9 318KB

14 - Active Communities Outcome Quarter 4 Performance Monitoring 2010/11

OS10 255KB

15 - Economic Prosperity Outcome Quarter 4 Performance Monitoring 2010/11

OS11 208KB

16 - Silver Hill – Compulsory Purchase Order

CAB2183 212KB

17 - To note the Scrutiny Work Programme (Report OS01 refers) June 2011 Forward Plan and comment on any items for future consideration.

OS1 111KB

Exempt Business

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1972 the Committee will decide whether it wishes to consider the following items under Exempt Business. If it decides to do this, the public will be asked to leave the meeting whilst consideration of these items takes place. For this reason the reports are not available on the website. Please contact the Committee Administrator for further details.

19 - Consideration of item under the Committee’s powers of call-in

To consider the following item that relates to expenditure involving a supplementary estimate, or virement or the use of reserves, of more than £50,000 that cannot be implemented until the Committee has had an opportunity to call-in the decision for review:  (i) Continued Provision of Microsoft Software - CAB2188