Wednesday 15 December 2004 9:00 AM

Walton Room, Guildhall, Winchester


Nancy Graham
Position: Senior Democratic Services Officer
Telephone: 01962 848235

Business Items

0 - Housing Performance Improvement Committee held 9 November 2004

CAB982 49KB

0 - Community, Arts and Social Performance Improvement Committee held 29 November 2004

CAS986 26KB

0 - Health Performance Improvement Committee held 30 November 2004

CAB987 29KB

0 - Environment and Access Performance Improvement Committee held 1 December 2004

To be considered along with Proposed Parking Charges Chart

CAB988 27KB
CAB996 38KB

0 - Central Services Performance Improvement Committee held 2 December 2004

CAB989 36KB

0 - Business Plan Template

PS150 24KB
Appendix 187KB

1 - Minutes

View Minutes of this meeting

Minutes 15 December 2004 139KB

7 - Public Participation - to receive and note questions asked and statements made from members of the public on isues relating to the responsibility of this Committee

8 - Capital Programme and Budget 2005-2006

CAB962 40KB
Appendix A 65KB
Appendix A continued 42KB

9 - IEG4 - Submission of Statement

Key Decision

CAB979 38KB
Appendix A 56KB
Appendix B 147KB

10 - Revenue Budgets 2005-2006

CAB961 49KB
Appendix A 25KB
Appendix B 36KB
Appendix B cont. 12KB
Appendix C 29KB
Appendix D 32KB
Appendix E 22KB
Appendix F 25KB
Appendix G 28KB
Appendix H 33KB
Appendix I 13KB
Appendix I cont. 1 9KB
Appendix I cont. 2 9KB
Appendix I cont. 3 30KB
Appendix I cont. 4 20KB
Appendix I cont. 5 25KB
Appendix I cont. 6 33KB
Appendix I cont. 7 9KB
Appendix I cont. 8 9KB
Appendix I cont. 9 28KB
Appendix I cont. 10 21KB
Appendix I cont. 11 26KB
Appendix I cont. 12 27KB
Appendix I cont. 13 26KB
Appendix I cont. 14 28KB
Appendix I cont. 15 29KB
Appendix I cont. 16 21KB
Appendix I cont. 17 27KB

11 - Council Tax Base 2005/06

Key Decision

CAB963 112KB

12 - Housing Revenue Account Budget 2005/06

Key Decision(Members are also requested to have regard to report HO50 which contains TACT representatives' comments on report HO49)

HO49 72KB
HO50 24KB

13 - Car Parks Capital Programme

Key Decision

CAB975 26KB
Appendix 1 28KB
Appendix 2 50KB
Appendix 3 50KB

14 - Provision of Park and Ride Service to Hospital

Key Decision

CAB976 40KB

15 - Traffic Management Programme

Key Decision

CAB977 28KB
Appendix 18KB
Appendix continued 61KB

16 - Highways Agency Agreements

Key DecisionUnder the Council Constitution Access to Information Procedure Rules (Rule 15.1 - General Exception), this is a key decision which has not been included in the Forward Plan.  Under this procedure the Chairman of the Principal Scrutiny Committee has been informed.

CAB991 39KB

17 - Corporate Sustainability Strategy

Key Decision

CAB978 37KB
Appendix 159KB

18 - Procurement Officer

CAB994 26KB

19 - Environment Strategy 2004-08

Key Decision

CAB971 and Appendix 1 43KB
Appendix 2 244KB

21 - Children and Young People

CAB980 44KB

22 - Minutes of the Performance Improvement Committees:

23 - Minute Extracts from Personnel Committee held 15 November 2004

CAB992 20KB

24 - South Downs Joint Committee : Local Authority Consultation

CAB970 40KB

25 - Winchester Excavations Committee - Funding

CAB981 34KB

26 - Freedom of Information Act - Policy

Key Decision

CAB985 31KB
Appendix 99KB

27 - Representation on Outside Bodies

CAB993 19KB

28 - Broadway Friarsgate - Extension of Exclusivity Agreement

CAB984 16KB

29 - Disposal of HRA Land at Buddens Road, Wickham, Lovedon Lane and Mountbatten Place, Kings Worthy (less exempt Appendix 2)

Key Decision

CAB959 26KB

30 - To note the future items for consideration by Cabinet as shown on the Forward Plan

Forward Plan 156KB

31 - Licensing Act 2003 - Delegation Arrangements

LR111 65KB

32 - Minutes of the Winchester Town Forum, held 24 November 2004

CAB995 38KB

Exempt Business

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1972 the Committee will decide whether it wishes to consider the following items under Exempt Business. If it decides to do this, the public will be asked to leave the meeting whilst consideration of these items takes place. For this reason the reports are not available on the website. Please contact the Committee Administrator for further details.

33 - Disposal of HRA Land at Buddens Road, Wickham, Lovedon Lane and Mountbatten Place, Kings Worthy - Exempt Appendix 2

34 - Reivew of Health and Housing General Fund Services

Key Decision

35 - Community Services Department Restructuring

Key Decision

36 - IT Managed Service Contract - Tender Process

Key Decision

37 - Exempt Minute of the Central Services Performance Improvement Committtee, held 2 December 2004