Wednesday 11 April 2007 10:00 AM

Walton Room, Guildhall, Winchester


Nancy Graham
Position: Senior Democratic Services Officer
Telephone: 01962 848235

Business Items

1 - View Minutes of this meeting

Minutes 11 April 2007 79KB

5 - Public Participation

- to receive and note questions asked and statements made from members of the public on issues relating to the responsibility of this Committee. 

6 - Leader and Portfolio Holders' Announcements

7 - Petition relating to Whiteley School

Key Decision

CAB1448 66KB

8 - Corporate Strategy Implementation Plan 2007-2012

Key Decision

CAB1441 289KB

9 - Inclusion, Cohesion and Equality (ICE) Strategy

Key DecisionUnder the Council Constitution Access to Information Procedure Rules (Rule 15.1 - General Exception), this is a key decision which has not been included in the Forward Plan.  Under this procedure the Chairman of the Principal Scrutiny Committee has been informed.

CAB1457 267KB

10 - New Civic Offices - Procurement of Works

Key Decision

CAB1449 42KB

11 - Winchester BID Development Update

Key Decision

CAB1450 514KB

12 - Review of Open Space Strategy and Funding System

Key Decision

CAB1434 144KB
Appendix 3 - Text version only 939KB

13 - Local Scheme - Housing and Council Tax Benefit

CAB1432 17KB

14 - Minutes of the Scrutiny Panels:

(i)  Environment Scrutiny Panel held 12 March 2007(ii)  Social Issues Scrutiny Panel held 14 March 2007(iii)  Local Economy Scrutiny Panel held 15 March 2007(iv)  Resources Scrutiny Panel held 20 March 2007

CAB1451 40KB
CAB1452 46KB
CAB1453 34KB
CAB1454 39KB

15 - Annual Review of the Constitution - Powers of the Winchester Town Forum

(Report originally on the agenda of 22 March 2007 meeting, but it was deferred until this meeting to allow more detailed consideration)

WTF90 80KB

16 - Minutes of the Winchester Town Forum Councillors' Meeting held 22 March 2007

CAB1455 36KB

17 - Representation on Outside Bodies

CAB1437 19KB

18 - To note the future items for consideration by Cabinet as shown on the Forward Plan.