Planning Development Control (Telecommunications) Sub-Committee

Monday 7 August 2006 9:30 AM

to meet on site at Raglington Farm, off A334 Botley Road, Shedfield at 9.30am

and on site at Crawley Court, Peach Hill Lane, Crawley at 10.45am

Business Items

1 - 02 (UK) Ltd Application

Application details: Extension of existing lattice straucture by 2.5 meters and additional 3 no attennas at Telecom Mast site at Crooked Row Wood, Raglington Farn, off A334 Botley Road, Shedfield

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1 - View Minutes of this meeting

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2 - Arqiva (ntl broadcast) Application

Aplication details: Relocation of 3.7 metre diameter satellite dish mounted on a 2-metre monopole

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