Winchester District Local Plan Committee

Friday 10 January 2003 9:30 AM

Walton Room, Guildhall, Winchester

Business Items

4 - Minutes of previous meeting held 5 December 2002, numbered 619-626

Minutes 05/12/02 54KB

5 - Public Participation – to note the questions asked/statements made during the public participation session held prior to the meeting.

6 - Broadway Friarsgate Planning Brief

WDLP15 Broadway Friarsgate Planning Brief 201KB

7 - Winchester Retail Study and Changes to Chapter 8: Town Centres and Shopping Facilities and Chapter 11: Winchester

WDLP17 Appendix 1 20KB
WDLP17 Appendix 2 76KB
WDLP17 Issue 8 13KB

8 - Winchester City (North) MDA: Identification of Reserve Site

(This item will be considered at 10.00am and is subject to extended public participation – see the reverse of the agenda cover opposite)

WDLP19 157KB
WDLP19 Appendix 1 780KB
WDLP19 Appendix 2 443KB
WDLP19 Appendix 3 Map 1 662KB
WDLP19 Appendix 3 Map 2 664KB
WDLP19 Appendix 3 Map 3 663KB
WDLP19 Appendix 3 Map 4 664KB
WDLP19 Appendix 3 Stakeholder Meeting 59KB
WDLP19 Appendix 4 Site Constraints Map 1.2MB
WDLP19 Appendix 5 121KB
WDLP19 Appendix 5 Tabled Amendments 24KB

9 - West of Waterlooville Major Development Area – Detailed Proposed Changes

Walton Room, Guildhall, Winchester

WDLP18 Appendix 1 514KB
WDLP18 Appendix 2 196KB

10 - Deposit Winchester District Local Plan Review: Analysis of Representations and Proposed Changes: Other Issues and the Urban Capacity Study

WDLP16 Urban Capacity Study Representations 55KB
WDLP16 Other Issues 1 44KB
WDLP16 Other Issues 2 67KB