Planning Committee

Thursday 5 February 2015 9:30 AM

Walton Suite, Guildhall, Winchester

Public speaking is allowed on individual planning applications, subject to certain restrictions – please contact the Public Speaking Co-ordinator as soon as possible, but prior to 4.00pm Tuesday 3 February 2015, on (01962) 848 339 to register to speak and for further details.


Claire Buchanan
Position: Senior Democratic Services Officer
Telephone: 01962 848 438

Minutes and Related Downloads

Minutes, 5 February 2015 230KB

Business Items

5 - Where appropriate, to accept the Update Sheet as an addendum to the Report.

Update Sheet 52KB

6 - Planning Applications Schedule (PDC1017)

Winchester City Council Applications (WCC Items 1-3)

Item 1 - Chesil Street Car Park, Barfield Close, Winchester (14/02534/FUL) 7.8MB
Item 2 - 51 Chilbolton Avenue, Winchester SO22 5HJ (14/02137/FUL) 3.8MB
Item 3 - Dean Court, Hillside Close, Winchester SO22 5LW (14/01802/FUL) 3.7MB

7 - Planning Applications Schedule (PDC1017)

The following items will not be considered before 2.00pm:
(Depending on the Committee’s progress, some of the morning’s items may overrun into the afternoon session. Nevertheless, the following items will not be considered before 2.00pm).

Winchester City Council Applications (WCC Items 4-7)

Item 4 - Land adjacent to Horton Barns, Clewers Lane, Waltham Chase (14/00658/FUL) 5.3MB
Item 5 - Rozel Forge, Stapleford Lane, Durley, Southampton SO32 2BU (14/02310/FUL) 3MB
Item 6 - Bankside, Hilden Way, Littleton, Winchester SO22 6QH (14/02691/FUL) 2.4MB
Item 7 - 2 North Drive, Littleton, Winchester SO22 6QA (14/02029/TPO) 1.8MB

8 - Confirmation of Tree Preservation Order 2132 – Land adjacent to 65 Harestock Road, Winchester

PDC1018 109KB