Wednesday 11 February 2015 2:00 PM

King Charles Hall, Guildhall, Winchester

                                       ***Please note change of venue and later start time***


Nancy Graham
Position: Senior Democratic Services Officer
Telephone: 01962 848235

Minutes and Related Downloads

Minutes, 11 February 2015 81KB

Business Items

6 - Public Participation

– to note the names of members of the public wishing to speak on general matters affecting the District or on agenda items (in the case of the latter, representations will normally be received at the time of the agenda item, after the Portfolio Holder’s introduction and any questions from Cabinet Members).

If you wish to speak at this meeting, please contact the Democratic Services Officer (details given above) in advance. Further details are also available via the “Public Participation at Meetings” link on the left hand side of this page.

7 - Leader and Portfolio Holders’ Announcements

8 - Budget and Council Tax 2015/16

Key Decision

CAB2647 (Revised) 675KB
CAB2647 670KB

9 - Housing Revenue Account 2015/16 Budget and Business Plan 2015/16 to 2044/45

Key Decision

CAB2652(HSG) 458KB

10 - Minute Extract from Cabinet (Housing) Committee held 4 February 2015

CAB2662 28KB

11 - Treasury Management Strategy 2015/16

Key Decision

CAB2648 (Revised) 204KB
CAB2648 202KB

12 - Car Parks Major Works Programme 2015/16

Key Decision

CAB2651 134KB

13 - Proposed Grant Allocations for 2015/16

Key Decision

CAB2646 431KB
CAB2646-BackgroundDocument- Core Grants Final Leader Sign off Meeting 161214 12KB
CAB2646-BackgroundDocument- Core Grants Town Forum 10 December 2014 Meeting Notes 76KB
CAB2646-BackgroundDocument- Town Forum Informal Grants Panel meeting notes 12 March 2014 18KB

14 - Minutes of Winchester Town Forum held 21 January 2015

CAB2661 60KB

15 - Abbey House Informal Scrutiny Group – Recommendations for Cabinet

Key Decision

CAB2659 138KB

16 - Procurement of Insurance and Risk Service 2015-2020 (less exempt appendix)

CAB2660 47KB

17 - Enterprise Centre, Street Care Depot and Storage Premises, Winchester (less exempt appendix)

Key Decision

CAB2658 2.1MB

18 - To note the future items for consideration by Cabinet as shown on the March 2015 Forward Plan

Exempt Business

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1972 the Committee will decide whether it wishes to consider the following items under Exempt Business. If it decides to do this, the public will be asked to leave the meeting whilst consideration of these items takes place. For this reason the reports are not available on the website. Please contact the Committee Administrator for further details.

20 - Procurement of Insurance and Risk Service 2015-2020 (exempt appendix)

Key Decision

CAB2660 Exempt Appendix

21 - Enterprise Centre, Street Care Depot and Storage Premises, Winchester (exempt appendix)

CAB2658 - Exempt Appendix D