Principal Scrutiny Committee

Monday 8 December 2003 6:30 PM

Walton Room, Guildhall, Winchester


David Blakemore
Position: Democratic Services Manager
Telephone: 01962 848217

Business Items

0 - Minutes of Health Performance Improvement Committee held 21 October

CAB746 36KB

0 - Minutes of Environment and Access Performance Improvement Committee held 22 October 2003

CAB751 34KB

1 - View Minutes for this Meeting

08 December 2003 57KB

4 - Public Participation - to note the questions asked/statements made in the public participation session held prior to the meeting

5 - Business plans Informal Group update

6 - South East Employers elected Member Overview and Scrutiny Network

7 - Community Grants - Policy Review

As part of the Scrutiny Work Programme, the Committee had requested further detail of grant allocation procedures.

CAB747 43KB
Appendix A 33KB
Appendix B 35KB
Appendix C 25KB
Appendix D 33KB

8 - Extract From Minutes of Personnel Committee held 8 September 2003 and 10 November 2003 re Performance Monitoring

PS107 24KB

9 - Minutes of Performance Improvement Committees