Thursday 8 December 2011 7:00 PM

Bapsy Hall, Guildhall, Winchester


David Blakemore
Position: Democratic Services Manager
Telephone: 01962 848217

Business Items

1 - To receive any communications from the Mayor, Leader or Chief Executive.

1 - View minutes of this meeting

Minutes, 8 December 2011 73KB

2 - Disclosure of Interests

To receive any disclosure of interests from Members or Officers in matters to be discussed.Note: Councillors are reminded of their obligations to declare personal and/or prejudicial interests in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct.

3 - To answer questions (if any) under Council Procedure Rule 14.

All Questions 52KB

4 - To receive petitions (if any) under Council Procedure Rule 15.

5 - To consider and determine the following Recommended Minutes:

a) Cabinet (Local Development Framework) Committee of 28 November and Cabinet of 7 December 2011PUBLICATION OF WINCHESTER DISTRICT LOCAL PLAN PART 1 – JOINT CORE STRATEGY(i) Report CAB2258(LDF) and appendix (yellow paper) – herewith(ii) Report CAB2273 (green paper) – to follow – this report will include the minutes of the LDF Committee and a revised version of the Joint Core Strategy which shows (with tracked changes) the amendments recommended by that Committee.(iii) Report CL73 (white paper) – to follow - Recommended Minute of Cabinet held on 7 December 2011.

6 - The making or termination of appointments to bodies set up by the Council.