What We Do

We have around 35 tenant members in the group. Elected tenant representatives from TACT have been formally invited to be involved in the Council's committee structure (Co-optees) and we give tenants views at Council (Housing) Committee.

We can add our comments to all housing-related reports being presented to the Council (Housing) Committee and Cabinet and can give our views when housing-related reports are discussed at both these committees. This gives us direct access into the decision-making process, and an opportunity to influence decisions made about our housing service.

Our aims are to:

  • represent the interests of all tenants and leaseholders of the City Council.
  • promote and encourage discussion over all housing-related matters.
  • encourage the process of tenant and leaseholder consultation.
  • monitor the standard of services supplied by the Council.
  • ensure that tenants' and leaseholders' voices are heard.

For more information about TACT and Performance Review Groups, please contact the Tenant Involvement Team on 0800 716 987.

If you would like to contact TACT directly, please get in contact with the Chair (details here) or contact Tenant Involvement using tenantinvolvement@winchester.gov.uk and we will pass on the message. TACT value feedback and comments from tenants and are more than happy to tackle relevant issues at TACT on your behalf or with you.