Fees for 'Relevant Protected Sites'

The Mobile Homes Act 2013, now allows for Local Authorities to charge fees for their licensing functions in respect of those residential sites that qualify as 'Relevant Protected Sites'. If you are unsure as to whether the residential site qualifies, then please contact the Private Sector Housing Team. It is worth emphasising that these fees DO NOT apply to sites that are used exclusively for holidaying, where the Caravan Site Licence expressly states this.

Before a Local Authority can charge a fee, it must prepare and publish a fees policy. Winchester City Council’s Fees Policy was approved by the Licensing and Regulation Committee on the 19 March 2015.

See below for the Winchester City Council’s Fees Policy for Relevant Protected Sites

Any existing 'Relevant Protected Sites', which are liable for an annual fee will be written to in the Spring and requiring payment to be made during May /June each year. The Council will contact site owners to arrange a site inspection visit which will normally be undertaken during late Summer each year. If you are exempt from paying an annual fee then a site visit will not be undertaken.

The Mobile Homes Act 2013 Act allows the site owner to pass on some of the fees to residents through the pitch fee but only under certain circumstances.

  1. The site owner cannot pass on fees charged by the local authority for the issue or transfer of a site licence or the alteration of conditions on a site licence
  2. The fee for administration and monitoring of site licences is levied as an annual fee and is the only fee that the site owner can pass on to residents. However, the site owner can only pass on the annual fee in the first year and not on subsequent years.