Rural Housing and HARAH

The demand for Affordable Housing is particularly high in rural areas. Many rural people having been forced to leave areas where they were brought up and have family ties, or where they work because they simply cannot afford the housing which leads to the displacement of ties to the local area and thus an erosion of communities.

Working with HARAH (Hampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing), Parish Councils and local people, we have helped build a number of affordable housing schemes on exception sites. These homes are specifically provided for people on the housing register with a strong local connection to their Parish – they live there; used to live there and still have family living there; or they work there.

On 1st June 2016 HARAH began working with a new development partner. Hampshire Village Homes were selected following a competitive selection process in 2015/16 involving a number of registered housing providers. Hampshire Village Homes are a consortium of 5 housing providers with a strong history of providing quality rural housing.

The Hyde Group (Hyde) were HARAH's development partner from 2005 to 2016, providing a significant number of new affordable homes. To date, 144 new homes have completed, through the HARAH partnership, in the Winchester District, with a further 63 homes in the pipeline and due to be completed by 2018.

To see a list of current or completed schemes, please look at the HARAH website.  Further information on the schemes currently under development can be found on the Council's website

If you have any questions please email: or phone 01962 840 222 and ask to speak to Nigel Baldwin.