New council housing - The Valley, Stanmore

Winchester City Council is working with a design team of Snug Architects and Ubu Landscape Architects to explore ideas set out in the Stanmore Planning Framework. This includes providing new affordable homes, improvement to open space and recreation within The Valley, Stanmore. 

Latest Information

The Design Team have been working on the proposals to provide new affordable homes in The Valley and improve the open space, to reflect the view of local people, gathered from consultation events (see below). 

The proposals will be presented at a consultation event to be held in early November 2016. Details of which, will follow shortly. 

Stanmore Planning Framework

The Stanmore Planning Framework was published in 2013 and sets out a shared vision for the area to guide its future regeneration. 

Stanmore Community Association (formally Stanmore Combined), Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Council collaborated to create the Planning Framework, which covers the Stanmore area east of Romsey Road to the railway line and north of Badger Farm towards Sleeper’s Hill. 

The key issues for Stanmore identified were:

  • Tackling anti-social behaviour 
  • Managing student housing and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)
  • Providing affordable homes for local people

To view the Stanmore Planning Framework, please click here.

Kings School Consultation regarding the use of The Valley open space

The event involved two groups of approximately 5 students, all with connections to Stanmore. The Council's appointed design team and officers ran a guided workshop that encouraged the students to evaluate the existing status of the park and then to consider how the park could be better inhabited by a wider range of people. Their ideas and insights were then recorded.

The event raise a number of useful ideas and challenged some of our preconceptions. It was clear that the children did not use the space often and that other than occasionally meeting at 'the monkey tree' it was generally only used as a route to school. There was a feeling that the space was not felt to be safe at night and that limited vandalism had an effect on their perceptions. It was felt that there was a lack of any obvious destinations within the park. There was a negative view of lawn mowing as the hay is left and it prohibits use. The general feeling was it was underused and the 'chicken run' was overgrown, uneven paths and could feel safer. Their discussions did draw our attention to a few more opportunities and uses. These included:

  • Natural Play
  • Skating
  • Tobogganing 
  • Football
  • Go Ape type climbing/use of the trees and a zip wire
  • Benches and spaces to hang out
  • An auditorium using the bank

It was a positive session and the young people engaged with the issues. It also gave us an opportunity to better appreciate their perspective.

Public Consultation regarding initial ideas for The Valley 

The Council held a consultation event on the 19th of July in St Lukes Church Hall, from 2pm until 8pm. The purpose of the consultation was to seek feedback from the local community on the initial ideas for development in The Valley. There was also the opportunity for local residents to give their comments and ideas for improving open space in The Valley. 

The consultation boards, showing the Council's initial ideas, are available to download below. 

Feedback from the public consultation event on the 19th of July, together with feedback from Party in the Park on the 30th of July and feedback from the consultation boards displayed in the Tourist Information Centre from the 20th of July until the 10th of August, is available to download below. 

The Design Team will be working on the proposals for The Valley over the summer, incorporating feedback from the community consultation where possible. A further consultation will be held in early November 2016 which will seek feedback on the detailed proposals. 

If you would like to get in contact with us, please email or phone 01962 848 222 and ask to speak to the New Homes Delivery team.