New council housing - Greenhill Avenue and Greenhill Terrace Fulflood Winchester


Cabinet Housing on 3rd Feb 2016, will consider a report that recommends the development of four new Council homes upon the Greenhill Terrace garage site in Fulflood, Winchester. This recommendation will be considered and debated by Cabinet Housing.

The proposal includes the retention of the existing garage court at Greenhill Avenue, Fulflood with a view to reorganising the letting of the garages so that priority is given to existing garage tenants from the immediate area, who already use the garage that the they let from the Council for the parking of cars.

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Winchester City Council is proposing to redevelop the two Garage Courts, at Greenhill Avenue and Greenhill Terrace, Fulflood, Winchester, and to erect four 2 storey dwellings in each garage court. The new homes will be a mix of two and three bedroom houses.

As part of the Council’s feasibility work the Council has undertaken a Garage Usage survey to look at how the garages are used. Results from this survey are shown below.

The Council also held a public consultation event on the 29th September 2015 to make local people aware of the Councils feasibility work and to gain feedback. A summary of the findings from the event is shown below and a document attached to this web site shows the opinions / phrases commonly made by local people.

Garage Survey Results

A garage usage survey took place of the garage courts at Greenhill Terrace and Greenhill Avenue in October and November 2015. 

The Council first made garage tenants aware of the draft redevelopment proposals by inviting them to the consultation event that took place on the 29th September. Letters asking garage tenants to attend inspections were sent a few weeks after the event and the majority of the garages in the two courts have been inspected by the Council’s garage manager. Any tenants that did not attend an inspection were sent further letters and phone calls asking them to contact the Council to arrange an inspection. Finally notices were placed under the garage doors of tenants who had not been in contact with the Council.

In Greenhill Avenue there are 21 garages, 16 were inspected. The survey results show that 75% of the surveyed garages are used for car parking. Eleven garages are let to tenants with a Greenhill Address (i.e. Greenhill Avenue, Greenhill Terrace, Greenhill Road) and of these eleven local tenants we have identified that 7 of the surveyed garages are used for the parking of vehicles. There are 6 garage tenants with addresses within the, or near to Fulflood Area.

In Greenhill Terrace there are 23 garages, 16 were inspected. The survey results show that 68% of the garages surveyed are used for vehicles. Eleven garages are let to local persons with a Greenhill Address. Six of the local tenants have a car parked in the garages. There are 3 garage tenants with addresses within the, or near to the Fulflood area.

Public consultation findings

A public consultation event took place on 29 September, 2015 from 2:30pm until 7:00pm in the Fulflood Arms public house.

A document showing the common comments made by persons attending the consultation event is attached to this web page.

In summary, local residents were particularly concerned regarding existing car parking problems in the area and the fact that the loss of the garage courts would exacerbate this problem. Most local person supported the communal improvements shown on the plans (temporary bin storage and an improved footpath to the rear of Greenhill Terrace), and the Council will continue to examine the viability of providing these improvements.

Several local respondents opposed the development of the two garage courts for housing and made this clear in their representation. Concern was often expressed that new homes in the area would lead to increased traffic problems and traffic generation. Several respondents also indicated concern regarding the contemporary appearance of the new homes (in particular to use of timber cladding) and the relationship in terms of height with nearby building and windows.

Persons attending the consultation event were asked what level of parking provision would be suitable for the new homes. The majority of respondents considered that the new homes should not be served by two dedicated parking spaces and that a lesser level of parking provision would be sufficient and provide more communal parking for local people.