New council housing - Symonds Close, Weeke

The photographs of the competed scheme (1-11) were taken by photographer Joe Low

The housing proposal

The site for this project used to be a garage court and an area of underused informal open space land on Westman Road, accessed between numbers 4 and 6 Westman Road.

The scheme provides 12 council homes with a mix of family houses and homes for downsizers. The scheme comprises, for families: 1 x four bedroom/seven person house, 6 x three bedroom/five person houses and for downsizers: 3 x two bedroom/four person houses and 2 x two bedroom bungalows. Both the family and the downsizing units incorporate flexible arrangements for living spaces and bedrooms, and all the dwellings meet Lifetime Homes standards.

The Council appointed FE Chase as the main contractor and the scheme was designed by T2 Architects. The project started on site in May 2015 and was completed in June 2016. All of the homes are now occupied. Half were prioritised for people with a local connection to Weeke. Plans can be viewed below. 

Open space improvements

To help mitigate for the loss of the open space at Westman Road, the housing project made a financial contribution to the landscape department to be spent on open spaces in Weeke, in consultation with the local community.

The open space improvements include provision of seating and an outside gym at Dean Park and a trim trail at St Mathews Field. Plans are available below. 

The St Barnabas and Harestock Community Plan

The St Barnabas and Harestock Community Plan sets out the community’s action points:

  • Work with Council to investigate, identify and agree the preferred options for affordable housing development.
  • Investigate the opportunities for the provision of accommodation suitable for elderly people on any proposed development sites in the area.
  • Improve the open space and play areas, particularly those that would serve the teenage community.

Here is a link to the Community Plan

New council homes are allocated through Hampshire Home Choice.

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