Tenant Led Performance Review & Scrutiny

Here at Winchester we have two approaches to tenant led Scrutiny; firstly we have three Performance Review Groups (PRGs) made up of trained tenants, then members of these groups form Scrutiny Groups when a need arises.

Our Performance Review Groups are:

  • Repairs and Maintenance PRG
  • Older Persons' Housing PRG 
  • Housing Management PRG

These groups monitor the progress, performance and targets of the various areas of the Council and raise tenant issues when necessary. They are led by a tenant Chair and include a Lead Officer and admin support from a Tenant Involvement Officer. 

If members feel an area needs further attention or there is a specific issue, they will form a Scrutiny Group from the PRG membership. A Scrutiny Group allows a small group of tenants to undertake a specific and detailed examination of a particular service area to see if the service is performing to the benefit of tenants i.e. “is the service doing what tenants want?”.

The Scrutiny Group, usually lasting between 3-6 months, will examine performance of the service over a period of time, look at any complaints received about the service and also look at how other housing providers go about providing the same service to see if we can learn anything new.

This is one of our highest forms of involvement and spaces are limited. Training is provided to tenants who join. Membership of a PRG is usually best for tenants who are already involved in some way so membership of a Focus group or TACT beforehand is a good idea.

If you have any questions, or would like to pass on any case studies to a group, please call the Tenant Involvement Team on 0800 716 987 or email tenantinvolvement@winchester.gov.uk