Improving Services

Get Involved

TACT (Tenants and Council Together)

TACT is the formal district-wide tenant and leaseholder forum which is made up of tenants from around the district. Members are elected to a committee every year at an Annual General Meeting and the group is governed by a constitution. TACT meets at least six times a year and works in partnership with the Council to improve housing services for all tenants. All tenants and leaseholders are welcome to attend these meetings. They aim to be informative and to encourage discussion amongst residents, giving you the opportunity to voice your opinions.

TACT has formal representation on council committees and meetings that discuss, approve and scrutinise housing related issues. TACT presents the interests and views of all tenants at these meetings.

Minutes of TACT meetings can be found on this link.

Performance Monitoring and Scrutiny

Performance Review Groups are tenant-led groups, who meet quarterly with Council officers to monitor how well housing services are performing. The groups review current policy & procedures in their service area and uses performance information to assess how well we are doing and to ensure all tenants are receiving value for money from our services.

Where the group identifies areas of concern, members can then initiate a Scrutiny exercise to explore a service in more depth and to make recommendations for improvements.

Mystery Shopping

The Council also works with a small group of residents, called Mystery Shoppers, who help us test our customer service standards, by contacting the Council through the normal ways (telephone, email, visits to the office) and reporting back on the quality of service they receive from staff. This feedback allows us to identify any areas of concern and to work to improve them.

Focus Groups

A focus group will be set up to discuss a specific topic or new idea with a small group of tenants to seek their views and comments and to inform how we develop a new service or area of work. The group will generally only meet once and the meeting aims to be friendly and informal to encourage discussion.

Readers Panel

The Readers Panel is a group of tenants, who comment on all publications and leaflets produced by the Council for tenants, to ensure they are user-friendly, with no jargon and are in plain English. This helps us to ensure that we are producing meaningful leaflets and information to residents that meets our standards of written communication.