Tenants Agreement

Winchester City Council's Compact/Agreement covers the overall approach to tenant involvement in the Winchester District. It lays down expected standards, levels of service for working together and plans to increase the opportunities and options for involvement by encouraging both individual and collective participation.

Its overriding aim is to minimise barriers to involvement at all levels by benefiting tenants, leaseholders and the City Council.

The district-wide Tenant Participation Compact originally signed in September 2000 marked the beginning of a new partnership between tenants, elected members and staff.

The Review

The Tenants Compact, which was last published in 2004, sets out the Council's commitment for involving tenants in developing and commenting on services.

The Tenant Participation Compact Monitoring Group (TPCMG), a team of TACT members, elected members, the Portfolio Holder for Housing, the Chairman of the Social Issues Scrutiny Panel, Head of Landlord Services, and the Tenant Involvement Manager, was set up to monitor progress on the TP Compact. It identified the need to completely review, update and strengthen the document to reflect tenants' wishes.

The Agreement was formally launched at a ceremony at Godson House, Winchester in August 2008. It was signed by Alan Rickman and Beryl White, joint Chairs of the Tenants and Council Together (TACT) group, Cllr Tony Coates, Portfolio Holder for Housing, and Richard Botham, Head of Landlord Services.

The Agreement aims to give tenants a greater say in the way Housing services are delivered and more opportunities to get involved.

The new Agreement paves the way for greater involvement and consultation in Winchester's housing services.

It is a working document and will be reviewed and update annually by the TPCMG.

Contact the Tenant Involvement Team on free phone 0800 716 987 if you would like a paper copy of the two documents below.