Late Tenancy Arrears

The Housing Landlord Service has a duty to recover all rent owed to the council to help fund services it provides. It is also required to maintain overall levels of outstanding rent within limits set by central government.

This includes any outstanding rent, other charges, court costs or overpayment of Housing benefit which remain owing on a tenancy once it has been terminated.

4 week notice is required on any residential tenancy and 1 weeks notice on garage tenancies or licences for our hostels.

Tenants moving before the notice period is up must make sure the rent and other charges continue to be paid up the actual date of termination. If any part of the rent is covered by Housing Benefit, it is important to note that should a tenant move out prior to the termination date, benefits may not cover the remaining payments due.

The Housing Landlord Service will attempt to contact any former tenant with an outstanding debt within a few weeks of termination.

Where a tenancy is held in more than one name, tenants are jointly liable for any debt. This means if we can only locate one of the tenants; we can pursue them for the entire outstanding debt and not just a proportion of it.

The Council will in some circumstances employ a detective agency to track down former tenants on its behalf and will instigate legal action to recover debts owing.

Deceased Tenants

When a tenant passes on, the City Council still require that 4 weeks notice is served on the tenancy. Notice can be served by next of kin, the executors of the estate or individuals with a power of attorney.

Rent continues to be charged on the account up to the termination date and City Council can request the balance be settled from the estate of the deceased.

However, should there be insufficient funds available from the estate following funeral and legal expenses, the Housing Landlord Service can arrange for the debt to be written off. Written confirmation of the lack of funds is required.

Where we have reason to believe false information has been provided, we may decide to investigate and where appropriate, resume legal action to recover any debts.