Undergoing Disruptive Works and Central Heating Upgrades

  • Disruptive Works

    This is not an arrangement to be entered into lightly, and our Planned Maintenance Team will have done their best to discuss the proposal and explain the process to you. However there are certain considerations that you need to understand and agree to before the
    work can commence.

    Whilst every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum, you must understand and appreciate that a level of inconvenience is unavoidable and that your cooperation can help to ensure the smooth running the work.

    For more information on disruptive works please take a look at the PDF entitled "Undergoing Disruptive Works"

  • Central Heating Upgrades

    Under the terms of your tenancy the Council is required to provide an adequate and serviceable system for the supply of heating and hot water. If you are being included in this programme it is because your present system is no longer considered to be serviceable and must be replaced.

    As a tenant of Winchester City Council you are obliged to allow us or our nominated representatives (the contractor) access to install a new system. You are also obliged to allow us access to carry out annual servicing of gas fired systems.

    For more information on Central Heating Upgrades please take a look at the PDF entitled "Central Heating Upgrades"