Repairs Rights and Responsibilities (Right to Repair)

Response and Repair

Right to repair
You can get certain urgent repairs done quickly, which affect your health, safety or security, at no cost to you.

If the repair is covered by the right to repair and we do not complete the repairs on time, you may ask for an alternative contractor to be appointed.You may be entitled to compensation if the alternative contractor also fails to complete on time.

Our Undertaking to You

Winchester City Council undertakes to maintain your home in a safe and weather-tight condition and wherever possible to provide modern facilities in line with the government’s Decent Homes standard. Repair issues will be categorised as soon as they are
reported and dealt with in line with the priorities shown on page 44.

Who is Responsible?

We will not repair or replace your own structures.

The following list gives an idea of items for which you
are responsible:

  • Replacing lost keys
  • Gaining entry if accidentally locked out
  • Replacing light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • Appliances, plugs and their fuses
  • Broken glass to windows and doors
  • TV aerials where not on a communal council
  • maintained system
  • Installation of your own appliances. This includes connection of gas and electric cookers, which must be fitted by an appropriately registered installer.
    A completion certificate for the work must be forwarded to us within one week.