Out of Hours Repairs

The out of hours service operates:

  • From 5.00pm to 8.30am, Monday to Thursday, Friday  4.30pm – 8.30am Monday
  • Weekends
  • On Bank Holidays

The purpose of our out of hours emergency repairs service is to provide an emergency call out service when the Customer Service Centre is closed.

Please note that gas leaks or suspicion of fumes from a gas appliance should be reported direct to Southern Gas Networks on 0800 111 999.

It is expensive to organise tradesmen out of hours, so it is important that you only request a call out for a genuine emergency. We define an emergency as danger to life or limb, where there is a serious risk to health or where there is risk of considerable damage to the property, for example, if a water leak causes a ceiling to collapse. In exceptional circumstances, we may also regard a repair as an emergency if it causes undue anxiety or stress or would cause significant inconvenience over a prolonged period. The Council aims to respond and make safe wherever possible within two hours.

We do not tolerate verbal abuse towards our staff, so if you are abusive to our call out officer we will not treat your call as an emergency.

The emergency call out officers may use their discretion, based on the nature of the call or where the tenant is disabled, a pensioner or has a young baby in the property. The emergency system should not be used by tenants to ‘short circuit’ the normal repair priorities.

We will charge you for the emergency call out if the contractor informs us that it was not a genuine emergency. You may be depriving another person with a genuine emergency if you abuse the system.