Our Performance

For larger versions of the tables and graphs above - please look in the Attachments Section at the bottom of this page - the document is called "Housing Performance 2015-2016"

In this section you will find out how we are performing across a range of key indicators. We produce a suite of Key Performance Indicators which we monitor every month.

You will also see how we perform against other Housing Landlords by looking at the "Housemark Benchmarking Report". This report compares our performance against others and helps us to learn how we can improve and provide better Value for Money for our tenants.

The links below give you up to date information on performance. The targets are designed to be challenging and take into consideration the top performing authorities and our own past performance.

In addition we also report our performance to our tenants and leaseholders in our Annual Report, this can be found on the Publications page.

HouseMark Benchmarking

Click the following link to review our HouseMark dashboard - HouseMark dashboard or see the embedded version below.

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