Estate Services

Estate Services Team

How your neighbourhood and communal areas look and making sure they are safe and secure for you to use is very important to us. We now have a dedicated team of Estates Housing Officers who will be regularly visiting all Housing owned communal areas to carry out checks and put right any problems.

Estates Inspections

The Housing Services Estates Officer team is a new team of four Housing Officers, established from April 2015. The team is responsible for the day to day management of communal areas of blocks of Housing flats, maintaining a safe and clean environment of buildings and surrounding grounds, by undertaking regular checks and observations. Their duties include:

  • Carrying out regular H&S checks in blocks of flats
  • Arranging for clearance of litter & bulk rubbish
  • Repairs reporting to communal areas
  • Monitoring the standard of cleaning and grounds maintenance, raising any issues in performance to our contractors, City Cleaning and The Landscape Group
  • Checking bin areas to make sure residents are disposing of their rubbish properly and encouraging residents to recycle more
  • Encouraging residents to keep communal areas clear of all items
  • Reporting environmental problems such as fly tipping, vandalism and abandoned cars
  • Ensuring communal areas are safe, reporting repairs and making sure they are put right promptly
  • Inspecting open spaces on our Housing estates
  • Looking for ways

Housing Officers visit our Housing sites on a scheduled basis and the frequency of visits varies from daily to quarterly (every 3 months), depending on the nature and size of the block and whether there are any significant housing management issues.
Details of all the communal areas we visit and how often we are there are available on this link. Please contact the Housing Estates team if there are any problems in your neighbourhood that we can help with.

Estate Improvements

Our Estate Improvement Programme continues to be popular with residents. This programme aims to deliver larger scale improvements to address community issues or to enhance areas. Completed schemes include improved parking areas, door entry systems, communal lighting, small scale regeneration projects. Our Estates Improvement Officer and Housing Officers are always looking for ways to improve our estates or blocks of flats. If you have any ideas for an estate improvement, please complete the application form available on this link or contact our Housing Officer – Estate Improvements.

Grounds Maintenance

The Housing Estates team is also responsible for managing the open space on our estates, including managing the delivery of the grounds maintenance contract, on our housing estates and communal gardens at all our blocks of flats. This includes grass cutting, cutting back hedges and maintaining shrubs and flower beds. We also arrange for tree inspections where concerns are raised about damaged or diseased trees. If you have any comments regarding the grounds maintenance on our estates, please contact ourEstates Services Officer.

Contact us:

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about how our estates are managed please contact the Housing Estates team:
Housing Estates Officers: Samantha Cherrett (Team Leader), Richard Lewis, Paul Dewhurst & Sandra Smith
Estate Improvements Officer: Sarah Charlton
Estates Services Officer: Caroline Robinson
Tel: 01962 848 207