Winchester Conservation Area Project 2003

The Winchester Conservation Area Project contains a Conservation Area Appraisal, Review and Strategy. The Project was commissioned by Winchester City Council with the support of English Heritage, Hampshire County Council and the City of Winchester Trust. The Project has been subject to extensive public consultation and relevant recommendations have been incorporated into the Winchester District Local Plan Review (adopted 2006).

The Conservation Area Strategy provides Winchester City Council with a tool for the management of the Conservation Area and contains specific guidance on new development, and this has been adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance.

Copies of the Winchester Conservation Area Project are available for inspection or purchase at the address below during normal opening hours. Copies can also be inspected at Winchester Library or download using the following links. Please be aware that some of the files below are quite large and may take some time downloading. All files are in PDF format

Conservation Area Appraisal

The Conservation Area Character Appraisal assesses the character and quality of the conservation area.

The Historical Development of Winchester
The Archaeology of Winchester
Character Areas
Central Winchester - the walled town
Winchester College
The Riverside
St Giles Hill - The Eastern Suburb
Christchurch Road
St Cross
Hyde - The Northern Suburb
Oram's Arbour and the Western Suburb

Conservation Area Review

This Conservation Area Review follows on from the Appraisal that assessed the Conservation Area as eight Character Areas

Conservation Area Strategy

This the third part of the Conservation Area Project sets out a strategy for the management of the CA and identifies a range of policy vehicles for its implementation