Environmentally Friendly Vehicle - Season Ticket Renewals

This online form can only be used for the renewal of a 50% or 75% discounted Season Ticket for an Environmentally Friendly Vehicle where the vehicle remains the same.

For a brand new application, Parking Services will require certain documentation to prove vehicle eligibility. Therefore, for a first time application for an Environmentally Friendly Vehicle Season Ticket, please click below to download a form, which can be printed, completed and returned to Parking Services.

Season Ticket Application form for Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

Winchester City Council will provide the cleanest vehicles with discounts of 50% or 75% off the cost of purchasing a Season Ticket for its Long Stay pay and display car parks. In order to qualify for the 50% and 75% discounts, vehicles will need to meet the DVLA's vehicle excise duty classifications of A or B, which refer to the amount of CO2 produced by the vehicle. Vehicles registered after 1st March 2001 that show CO2 g/km of 120 or below in the Vehicle Registration Document will qualify.

Further details, along with a list of the fees can be found on the following webpage - Information about Environmentally Friendly Vehicle Season Ticket Costs and Car Parks