The Russian Revolution: 100 Years On

Wed 20/09/17 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

To commemorate the hundredth year after the Russian Revolution, Royal Armouries museum at Fort Nelson are inviting visitors to attend an after-hours talk with guest speaker Dr Paul Flenley.

Dr Paul Flenley, Subject Leader and Principal Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at Portsmouth University, will reveal some of the findings he uncovered whilst researching ‘The Russian Revolution: 100 years on’.  During the evening, Dr Paul Flenley will focus on both the idealistic aspirations and the harsh reality of the Revolution and its aftermath.

The 1917 Russian Revolution was in many ways the pivotal event of the twentieth century.  This talk will assess the consequences of the revolution.  It will look at how the attempt to build a new society inspired many throughout the world but also led to the establishment of Stalinist-type dictatorships.  The revolution led to the ideological division of the world.  Even after the end of the Cold War the continuing consequences of the collapse of the Soviet Union mean the revolution still has real impact today.