Beginner taxidermy Workshop

Sat 21/10/17 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

A single afternoon of taxidermy tuition will set you up with all the taxidermy basics.

The class teaches you all the basic steps of taxidermy so whether you want to create your own masterpiece or just learn a little more about the process, this class is the perfect introduction. This class is instructed by trained taxidermists, who will guide you step by step in a comprehensive and easy to understand manner. The class is structured to help you create a life-like mount of a mouse but students are free to bring any miniature props with them if they prefer the Walter Potter tradition of anthropomorphic taxidermy! No former experience is necessary.
Please note that we use no harsh or dangerous chemicals during this class and all students are provided with gloves. All animals are disease free and no animals were killed for this class. All mice are feeder animals for snakes and lizards. Although there will not be a lot of blood and gore, taxidermy is not for everyone and students are asked to consider this before booking their place.