Beverley Birch - Editing and Writing for Children

Tue 11/04/17 7:30 PM - 9:45 PM

The editor and author Beverley Birch offers a guide to editing and writing for children

The editor and author Beverley Birch is the speaker at the April meeting of the Hampshire Writers’ Society.

Beverley has looked at children’s writing, in Joni Mitchell’s phrase, ‘from both sides now’. That is, she has first been an editor, and now combines this role with that of a writer. Amongst her well-known works for children are the novels 'Rift', 'The Night of the Fire Lilies', and 'Sea Hawk, Sea Moon'; Beverley has also published retellings for
children of 'Shakespeare’s Stories' and 'Shakespeare’s Tales'.

Always a welcome visitor to Winchester, she returns this evening to help anyone who may be interested, amongst readers and writers, to navigate the field of children’s writing.