Masako Tobita "Time Passing Over The Lake"

Wed 15/03/17 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM

An Exhibition of new paintings by Japanese artist Masako Tobita.

This is Masako's third solo show with the Minster Gallery. These paintings are inspired by her time near Lake Como in Italy, and is evocative of the changing light and sensuality of the surrounding lake and hills and long walks walks exploring the countryside around Varenna and Bellano.

“When I first opened the French windows at my hotel there was the vast presence of the Mountain with the Lake below. Every morning it changed, making me feel that as human beings we are "borrowing” a moment of time in this world, co-existing with nature.”
In this exhibition, Masako’s use of different methods of layering and the scraping away of paint is a reoccurring theme which reveals a fracture through the foreground facade. Whether a small fissure or a large opening suggestive of a doorway or a window this allows the viewer to reflect upon their own experiences with nature and the play of light. As a result, the viewer is drawn into these images and encouraged to reflect upon what is seen through these doorways which lead you deeper into the painting.